Confusing Words can Cause Mistakes for Writers

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

As the English language evolves, especially in written form, because of changes in social norms like social media, many purists are finding it hard to watch. Those of us old enough to have been taught by strict grammar teachers yet young enough to be social media users, cringe at the growing misuse of common words. Here are some w we all need to remember to use properly.

Then there’s I and me which are regularly confused when more than one person is doing something. For example, Mary and I/me went to the store. Here’s the trick: try out the sentence with just “I” or “me” and see which makes sense. In this example, “I went to the store” makes more sense than “me went to the store,” so use I.

What words confuse you, or bother you when others confuse them?

PS – I always hesitate to write posts about grammar in case I make a mistake. And, don’t get me started on apostrophes.

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