Creating a Life that Matters

About a year ago I met the owner of a Fairbanks print shop named Geoff Welch. A colleague said he was involved in the PR community there and a pretty interesting guy. The fact he’s an interesting guy turned out to be an understatement.

As owner of the print shop, Geoff created a program in Fairbanks where people could stop by the shop to get free thank you cards to send anyone they wanted. He believes saying thanks is really important. I agree with him but he did something about it. That’s one of the reasons he was the Small Business Owner of the year in Alaska in 2014.

Then, I heard he created a weekly email called Sixty Second Sundays where he asks for 60 seconds of time. But the inspiration gained makes one think for a lot longer than 60 seconds. Signed up?

Last fall he was offering to have coffee with people. You could sign up for 30 minutes of time to talk with Geoff about any topic you wanted. His Facebook page was regularly filled with comments from those who did just that and left inspired to complete goals, or do whatever was discussed during that 30 minutes.

Earlier this month, he headed to New York City for a conference where Seth Godin was speaking. Seth is someone many in our field think is unapproachable but brilliant. Undeterred, Geoff asked for 15 minutes of time to chat. It’s no surprise Seth accepted the interview request. I’m confident they both got a lot from it.

So last night subscribers got an early look at his e-book, “Powered by Humanity; observations about leadership, service, and being a human.” Guess what? It’s beyond inspirational. Here’s the part of the email preceding the book link:

Twenty years ago I stopped attending college after about six weeks. Seventeen years ago I married the most amazing woman. Ten years ago I bought half of a printing company. Eight years ago I was blessed with a wonderful little girl. Five years ago I almost ran that printing company into the ground. Three years ago I met a friend who changed the trajectory of my life and work. One year ago I spoke at TEDx. Today I am publishing my first ebook.

I urge you all to be inspired by Geoff, or people you know who are like him. There’s nothing he’s not willing to try. There’s no one he’s not willing to help. This nothing he can’t do…because he dares to try…because he cares about people and our world.

Thank you Geoff for the inspiration. The rest of you? What are you doing to create a life that matters?

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