Food Inspections -- Read Beyond the Headlines. Be Prepared.

If you read the headlines on social media today, our nation’s food supply is in dire danger as a result of the government shutdown. Many content providers are sounding the alarm bells about food inspectors being among the 800,000 furloughed workers. But, when you get beyond the headlines it’s not (quite) as dire as it might sound.

Some facts:

Businesses Can Take Control.

There are systems in place beyond inspectors to ensure this. It’s also important food brands, farmers and companies remember to take additional responsibility for their product safety. This is critically important right now to protect your brand and reputation with customers. Take additional steps so your company isn’t the one in the spotlight demonstrating the impact of curtailed inspections.

  • Continue following local, state and federal laws regarding food safety.

  • Reassure your customers so they understand the measures you are taking to safeguard their food

  • Inspect your systems in the same way the federal inspectors would inspect them.

  • Make sure you understand the facts of what’s actually happening regarding inspections of your company.

  • If your products include ingredients from other sources, verify they’ve been grown and inspected to your standards.

It’s extremely important to prepare before the crisis happens, so you don’t waste precious time. The Food PR & Communications team is ready to help you plan for a crisis.

Steps consumers can take.

  • Buy from trusted sources and brands. This is likely not the time to experiment with new foods.

  • Don’t panic as, again, the vast majority of our food supply is safe.

  • Follow accepted food preparation guidelines.

  • Read beyond the headlines and make sure what you’re reading (and sharing) is from a trusted source.

Please contact us if you need assistance getting your messages out to your customers.

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