Foodie Friday with Cookbook Author & Food Blogger Christina Lane

Cooking for two is a passion of food blogger and cookbook author Christina Lane. She balances her busy schedule at her company, Dessert for Two, with the needs of a toddler from her home in Dallas. She's published three cookbooks and has a fourth cookbook coming out soon, so life is definitely a juggling act.

What is your role in the food industry?

I accidentally fell into the food industry in my current sense by starting a food blog in 2010. Prior to my food blog, I worked in agriculture research and I have a Master's degree in horticulture and agronomy, so I guess I was in the business of growing food before I was in the business of cooking food.

How did you first get involved in the food industry?

I started my food blog out of boredom in 2010. I was a single girl working my way through graduate school living thousands of miles away from my family. I missed my Mom's Sunday dinners with the family, and I missed her desserts the most. Since I was living alone, I didn't need a giant 3-layer cake. So, I scaled down her recipes to make smaller portions for myself. I started sharing the recipes on my blog, and the rest is history.

What/who inspired your current role in the food industry?

My Great Aunt Rose inspired me to work in the food industry. She owned a famous hamburger shop in Dallas on Greenville Avenue for decades. I worked in the restaurant as a kid. She passed away when I was in college. She fed many people very well, including Mickey Mantle, Don Henley, and the cast and crew of Bonnie & Clyde when it was being filmed in Dallas.

What's your big splurge food item? Any particular brand you're willing to pay more for?

High-quality chocolate bars. A chopped chocolate bar is so much better than chocolate chips in a cookie, because it melts and forms pools of chocolate. So good!

What do you view as your greatest achievement to-date as a food professional?

I'm proud of my work writing cookbooks. I have three published currently, and a fourth one due in the spring of 2019. They feature recipes for small-batch baking and cooking. Cooking for two is my passion.

What’s your favorite food to make at home?

I'm the queen of one-pan dinners. I love to make a Mexican-inspired quinoa salad where all of the ingredients cook in the same skillet. It's full of black beans, corn, pico de gallo, and is topped with avocado and sour cream.

What’s your favorite meal to order in a restaurant?

When I'm at a restaurant, I love to order a complicated dish that I wouldn't normally tackle at home. I also don't typically enjoy cooking meat but do enjoy eating it, so a perfectly grilled steak tastes so good to me.

What three ingredients could you not live without?

Salted butter, onions, and high-quality chocolate

What food or meal makes you happiest?

For a long time, chicken noodle soup was my comfort food. Especially Amish-style chicken soup served over a scoop of creamy mashed potatoes. But lately, a big bowl of spaghetti topped with Bolognese that cooked all day is my craving.

What cookbooks or cooking classes are most important to you and why?

Heidi Swanson's cookbooks inspire me and make me a better cook. Her flavor combinations are so inventive, and her passion for locally produced food is contagious.

Where would you most like to live? Why?

San Francisco. I lived outside the city for years, met my husband and fell in love there. I love going back for a visit, though it is special living back home in Dallas again.

Tell us about your favorite vacation destination.

Honestly, my favorite vacation is a 'staycation.' Since I have a toddler, traveling can be more challenging than it used to be. I love when we take the time to find a gem in our hometown of Dallas, because then we can go back anytime we want.

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