Help A Family in Need

This is truly a season for giving and lots of us have plenty for which to give thanks. In Anchorage, as in many communities, there are homeless families facing our cold winters without knowing how to pay for food, shelter and other necessities.

Today’s Groupon offers a way you can quickly help a family out. Sign up for the Groupon and get three meals for a family of six for only $40 from Alaska Dinner Factory. It’s quick and easy.

Then, give the coupon to a family in need by emailing it to Jenni Ragland at the Salvation Army Alaska.

Please help by following these easy steps:

  1. Purchase the Groupon

  2. Click the box to give it as a gift to “a family in need.” Email it to Jenni at the Salvation Army Alaska (

  3. Now give yourself a hug.

  4. Finally, tell your friends how they can help too.

It’s so easy to help others and it makes you feel good too.

Thanks so much! Happy Holidays.

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