James & Luke Go Back to School

Today on our Foodie Friday Back to School edition, we introduce you to James and Luke, two brothers from Alaska. James proudly tells us he’s turning eight in September and in second grade. Luke is four and going to his second year of pre-k. These two young imps are the delight of their parents and make many of us laugh on a regular basis with their antics. Their answers to our questions are sure to make you chuckle too.

What most excites you about going back to school?

James: Lunch! You finally get something to eat after working hard for so long!

Luke: That the classroom looks different this year. And, when I’m there a whole day, we get to play outside and have snacks two times!

What makes you nervous about going back to school?

James: 2nd grade is going to be harder. There will be more homework and stuff like that.

Luke: Nothing makes me nervous about going to school. But there are a couple new kids that I don’t know. I hope they’re nice!

What is your favorite school lunch?

James: Hamburgers!

Luke: I don’t know. Every time I get different things, so I don’t remember the ones I like the best.

Do you buy school lunch or make your own?

James: My mom makes it. But if she’d just let me get Lunchables she wouldn’t have to struggle with that.

Luke: My mom makes them. Sometimes they’re good, and sometimes they’re not.

What is your favorite after school snack?

James: Apple with peanut butter

Luke: Apple

What’s your favorite snack your parents will let you have?

James: When my grandma is here we get brownies. That’s my favorite!

Luke: Gummy bears that my dad buys in the big box. Mom let’s us have them sometimes, but mostly no.

If we gave you $5 to buy any after school snack you wanted, what would it be?

James: How much are Doritos? I’d buy that!

Luke: Two packs of gummy bears.

Do you eat breakfast before school? What do you have?

James: Yes. We used to have eggs all the time, but now I’m allergic to them. I’m glad because I hate them! We usually have waffles with peanut butter or ham.

Luke: Yes. Waffles with syrup on them. Oh, and ham.

Do you cook? What’s your favorite food to make at home?

James: Sometimes. Spaghetti. I made spaghetti, broccoli and salad last week, but I didn’t eat any of the salad. I hate salad…but not as much as I hate eggs.

Luke: I’m just starting to cook. I like to help my mom sometimes. I’m going to cook hamburgers tomorrow. With French fries and carrots. And water.

What’s your favorite meal at home?

James: Spaghetti and meatballs! It’s fun to slurp the noodles.

Luke: Hamburgers and apples.

What’s your favorite meal to order in a restaurant?

James: I like macaroni and cheese, but my mom doesn’t usually let me get it. I usually order a bacon burger and broccoli or fries.

Luke: Cheese and bacon pizza. My mom always makes me get broccoli.

If you know, what do you want to be when you grow up?

James: I don’t really know, but I think I want to be a soldier to help people.

Luke: A grown up. Because then I get to be the boss of the kids.

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