More Love. Less Hate.

More Love. Less Hate. It’s a message we’ve seen a lot of lately. It’s such a simple message yet so full of meaning. The killings in Orlando are devastating, but saying it’s devastating is beginning to mean less because we’ve been saying it a lot lately. There is too much hate in the world. And not enough love.

What can we do? How can we help? Many of us feel helpless and know the solution is complex. But is it? Or, can we all help?

It’s as simple as caring for one another. Caring for those you don’t even know. Loving each other is the basis for most religions. In fact, I don’t know of any that teach hate.

It’s as simple as thinking before you speak. Before you write. Before you post online. Before you comment on someone else’s post.

It’s as simple as checking facts before spreading rumors. If you’re a journalist or have even the tiniest bit of influence online, think about the words you’re posting before you hit that “enter” button.

Words do hurt.

That’s pretty simple too. The words we choose can and do hurt others. Taking care when choosing our words is something we all can do to make others feel better and more included.

Stop posting the walls of shame and “sharing” the items from those who hate. It just doesn’t help.

Teach your children the difference between right and wrong. Offer them some moral teachings and expose them to organized religion so they have a foundation on which to make decisions.

I’m not going to get into whether we need to change our gun laws. If you think changing the gun laws will help, please write your congressional representatives. On the other hand, I’m pretty sure bolstering our mental health services will help many of these individuals. So, I’m advocating for funding to help those folks as well as those who are hungry and don’t have a roof over their heads.

Because helping those who are less fortunate is a good thing. It’s love. Not hate.

This post doesn’t include any public relations strategy. It’s not going to help you measure the results of your programs or learn about a new social media tool.

I hope it will cause you to pause. I hope it will cause you to think about your actions. I hope it will cause you to consider how you can spread good in our world.

Spread hope and love.

Because words do hurt.

More Love. Less Hate.

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