Our Perspective on 2018

As we all begin to wrap up the year, we thought it was a good time to look back, from our perspective, on the year that’s been. We first started sharing our thoughts with you the end of March. Since that time, a lot has happened, especially in the area of food scares and safety. Just this week there’s another recall on red lettuce tied to a specific farm in California.

Food Safety

We wrote about the problems we all were seeing in the news regarding the safety of our food several times. Our focus was on what food companies and marketers could do to educate customers and ensure patron safety. We believe the Centers for Disease Control are doing a good job keeping track of the safety of the food we eat. Improvements can always occur, and they are working hard to strengthen existing systems.

Today It's Romaine. Tomorrow It Could be Your Organization

Food Scares in the News; Fact or Fiction?

Food Trends

We enjoyed writing about food trends during the year; from how millennials are changing the way we all eat to what was happening in produce and favorite Halloween candies. One thing we learned, that we’ll talk about in more detail in a 2019 post, is that everything can be a trend these days. Someone just needs to call it one. Our favorite posts:

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Indian Cuisine Spices Hot in 2018

Baby, It's Hot Outside!

Eating Habits, Environment & Safety Concerns Affecting Produce Segment

Halloween Candies We Love or Hate

Allergies and Sensitivities

More and more people seem to have food sensitivities these days so we devoted several posts to addressing a few of the issues and breakthroughs. From dairy allergies to celiac disease and peanut allergies, we provided information so you know how to treat customers correctly.

Research Offers Hope to Peanut Allergy Sufferers

Know What’s on the Menu – Your Customers Expect It

Navigating the Increase in Kids’ Food Allergies: Tips for Foodservice Providers


In addition to being about public relations, we also understand the importance of promotion. So, we wrote several posts about how to promote your food company, restaurant or product during different times of the year. Our favorite was about the amazing community spirit that followed Alaska’s earthquake last month.

Alaska’s 7.0 Earthquake Rates a 10 in Generosity, Community

Restaurant Weeks: Great Chance to Experiment on Menus

It's October. Time to Swing for the Fences!

Happy Holidays!

12 Ideas to Avoid the Post Holiday Restaurant Slump

Communication Tips

We’re communicators so regularly offer tips on how to maximize your programs. Hint: it starts with planning. In addition to writing about planning, we also talked about working with the media, taking good photos of your food, influencers and social media. A sampling:

Instagram + Food Brands: A Match Made in Heaven

Food Photos: Feast Your Eyes on Improving Your Food Business

Talking with the Media Without Panicking -- It’s All About Preparation

Employees: Oft-Forgotten Advocates for Businesses

Understanding Your Differences Will Lead to Success

There are many more articles on our blog about these and other topics. Please check it out and sign up for our newsletter so you make sure you don’t miss any.

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