RIP Google Reader. 6 Alternatives

Earlier today, Google announced it’s closing Google Reader on July 1. They say not enough of us were using it but it’s something I use every day. So, what are the alternatives?

My criteria include laptop and mobile capability, clean design and easy personalization. Living in Alaska, I need news that rarely makes it on a national news feed. I would also like to incorporate keywords into the reader.


I just started using Feedly as a way to read my Google Reader on my iPad so am really excited Cnet shows a way to move my Google Reader feed there. I’ve been enjoying their “share” feature onto Twitter, Facebook and others so think this seems like a viable option. Feedly is also integrated with Buffer, one of my favorite timesavers and it synchronizes with my mobile devices so my feed is up to date wherever I check.


This is a site I hadn’t heard of before I started looking for a Google Reader alternative but I like what I see. NewsBlur has a mobile sync and looks very clean. Unfortunately they’re having some capacity issues this afternoon that they explain as a result of people leaving Google Reader. Do check them out, though, before you make a change. I plan to do so.


Maybe I’m missing something but I don’t see how I can put my personal feeds (local paper, etc) into Taptu. I have some pretty targeted items in my Google Reader. And, its busy look isn’t something I really care for but you may. It seems easy to read and understand.


One of the things I like about Feedly is its clean layout. For me, Pulse is too cluttered but it may work for you. I really like the interface and easily personalization.


Flipboard is one of the most popular RSS feeds for iPad and iPhone but it doesn’t have a web component so it just won’t work for me. I do love flipping through it on my iPad and have some searches there that aren’t part of my daily reading.


I really like the look of Netvibes and it is more than a reader. However, there are no mobile applications and that is important to me. Maybe they’ll add them soon?

Moving Google Reader Feeds

Google provided a page telling readers how to move their feeds that seems pretty straightforward so that’s good. Lifehackers also provides a tutorial at the bottom of their post reviewing readers.

What options are you considering? If you’re not a Google Reader devotee, what RSS reader do you recommend?

Image: Andrew Stawarz via Flickr, CC 2.0

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