Summer in Alaska – a Confession

I made a commitment to write on my blog twice a week. I really meant to follow through, and I still do. I know many of you enjoy reading my posts and I hope today’s won’t be any different. But I have a confession to make.

Anchorage’s summer weather is causing a change in my priorities. Sorry but it’s true. When the sun is out and my garden is growing I really want to be out there and not at my computer.

You may not know that I am an avid amateur gardener. I have a flower garden in the front of the house that people drive over to see.

Most don’t know there are three more gardens in the back. They are more natural and a tribute to my beloved Pacific Northwest. But it’s really fun to explore different plants and flowers to see how they grow here. If you want to look at more pictures, check my Flickr page.

My mom and grandmother were avid gardeners so I probably got the bug from them and it’s a good way to reconnect with these amazing women who taught me so much. I know they are watching me and trying to teach me something from all the winter kill last winter.

My garden is kind of like a PR plan:

Research – Reviewing magazines and the Web to find new plants and explore innovations

Goals and Objectives – Other than the ever-present goal of beautiful flowers this year, I’m also working on soil improvement.

Strategy and Tactics – Enlisting the help of family on the planting, weeding and watering

Budget and Timeline – Let’s just not go there and consider it therapeutic

Evaluation – I take pictures all summer and am using Skitch to make notes for next year where there are holes, or plants might need dividing.

The fireweed has already started blooming so we’re on the down side of summer. Alaska lore says once the fireweed “tops out” (goes to seed), snow is only 30 days away. We’re a ways from it topping out but know summer is fleeting.

So, can you forgive me this transgression knowing I’ll be back more regularly when the fireweed has topped out?

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