The big experiment…a paperless conference

I’ve just arrived in Orlando for PRSA’s annual conference,  it’s a great mix of professional development, networking and inspirational talks.  For those of us from Alaska, it’s also a fresh dose of vitamin D. The sunshine is wonderful.

For the first time, I’m trying to be virtually paperless, and laptop-less. My briefcase is considerably lighter without the laptop and the iPad takes up just a tiny amount of space. It seems rather freeing. 

  • But, will I be able to take the notes I would normally take? You know…the ones you swear you’ll review and use later? 

  • Do I need the crutch of the printed agenda, bylaws and other items to stay on track in the Leadership Assembly? 

  • Can I create blog posts 100% on the iPad? This is the test!

  • Can I give the College of Fellows presentation without notes? 

  • Will my professional development workshop run smoothly on the iPad and iPhone?

That last question is a great one and I’m looking forward to Monday morning.  I have a thumb drive as back-up but am planning to run the presentation using Keynote from my iPhone using the Keynote Remote on my iPad. This set up means my notes will display more easily.

Other applications I’m counting on are Notes and Penultimate. I plan to give my Wacom bamboo stylus a workout. Apps and reminders ought to keep me on track as far as the schedule goes, combined with PRSA’s handy conference app.

I’ll update this post Tuesday with details on how it went, and suggestions for next time. 

But, have you tried to go paperless? Laptop-less? How did you do it?

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