The Most Challenging and Rewarding Clients Ever

Each week I think about what I’ll write on my blog that will have meaning to my readers. Sometimes it’s easy and other days, it’s quite the challenge. This week it’s kind of easy. I want to tell you about my most challenging clients. One I’ve had for 23 years and the other 21 years.

You see, it’s my youngest son’s birthday. Nearly everything I’ve done in my public relations career in the past 24 years (Thomas is 23) has been with the objective of creating two young men who will contribute to society in a positive way.

Like any strategic communications professional, as I started to think about this post I started with research. The problem is that with babies, there’s not a ton of data out there about your specific human being. But there were books to read, parents and grandparents to speak with, and mentors to watch. Then there is the trial by error (or baptism by fire) which guides most of us.

Our, have to include my husband in this, strategy has been to teach, by good example, our children the importance of being good citizens and helping others. It’s to encourage them to learn and explore by teaching them how to make choices. Finally, it’s to give them enough freedom they can make those choices in safe environments.

I could go through the tactics we used but they are way too numerous to mention but just a few:

Piano lessons that led to an understanding of music, a guitar, a trumpet and a saxophone.Boy Scouts that led to weekend campouts with Dad and also to learning about leadership.Soccer that taught teamwork, competition and athleticism. (It also wore them out as little boys so they would sleep even though the sun doesn’t set during Alaska’s summers.)School that began with preschool, followed by neighborhood schools with fabulous teachers and good class choices. All those led Thomas to graduate last year from Whitman and James to be well on his way to graduate from Puget Sound next May.Chores around that house that led to taking responsibility within your home.

As for the timeline, it went way too quickly and the budget…I definitely don’t want to look.  But I know the time has gone way too quickly but the investment is well worth it.

How’d they turn out? The evaluation will never end but we’re feeling pretty good about these two clients. Two Eagle Scouts and college graduates who have careers ahead of them. Two philanthropists who believe they need to give back to their community with time or money. Again, I could go on, because these clients will never be a completed job.

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