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In 1951, acclaimed journalist Edward R Murrow asked Americans to write essays about the guiding principles of their lives. The concept was revived in 2004 when a not-for-profit organization formed to invite Americans to share their core values. I became an active listener of “this I believe” essays on NPR in 2005. Each has touched me, and many have been “driveway moments.”

I’ve always thought I would write an essay. The other day, as I was thinking about the holiday season and what it means to me, the following kind of spilled out:

I believe in the humanity of man

I believe that we all have, in our heart of hearts, the overwhelming desire to do goodI believe in love

I believe in the power of love, the power of listening and of hearing

I believe in our desire to work together to make the world a better place, and to care for it for our children

I believe there is more than one way to do everything; that collaboration & compromise is the name of the game

I believe in God.

I believe your god might be different from mine but yours is just as wonderful a guiding light as mine.

I believe it is my duty to help others.

It’s why I am supporting the Blue Key initiative to help the UN Refugee Agency help the 43 million people in need of food and shelter…basic necessities we take for granted.

For just $5 you can join me by purchasing a key to help these folks improve the lives of thousands.

It’s difficult for me, with a roof over my head and food on the table, to imagine a life without that. But, I am so incredibly thankful that the people in the UNHCR are there to help those in this situation.

Together we can make a difference. Together we can affect positive change. Together we can…do just about anything we want to do.

This I believe.

What do you believe?

Who are you helping this holiday season?

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