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As technology changes the world in which we live, I’m sure you’re – like me – a bit overwhelmed with all the choices. There are so many tools out there that claim to solve your life problems it’s hard to know where to start. I’m going to attempt to capture them on the blog in a weekly post. I hope you’ll also tell me about tools you think are great and why so I can feature them too.

This week I’ll focus on presentation tools and others that make your presentation (even written) more interesting. Most of us are looking for ways to spice up our presentations.

Powerpoint and Keynote

The granddaddy of presentations, Powerpoint is the tool most of us learned to use first. It’s easy to stay there and I’m guessing there are things about PPT you haven’t used yet. Keynote is Apple’s version of PPT and it has similar bells and whistles. What’s really fun is to run presentations on Keynote while using your iPad or iPhone as the remote. I try to use my iPad so I can have my notes on the iPad too.


Prezi has been around for awhile so it’s really not “new new” but if you’re like me, you might not have used it because you’re so comfortable with what you already know. Prezi brings presentations to life in a unique way that holds the audience attention. One downside is that it’s difficult to print handouts as you can do with Powerpoint.


I just discovered Dubbler last week. With it, you can record up to 60 second messages shared on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. It’s sort of Vine…for audio but may have more business applications.

Quotes Cover

Quotes Cover is in Beta so there might be some bugs, but it has potential to be an interesting tool. There’s a library of quotations from which to choose to illustrate a point you’re making. Then you can turn them into “art” using the included templates. Make Facebook/Google+ cover photos, computer/mobile wallpaper, e-cards or prints.

Slide Rocket

This product appears to be another example of an enhanced Powerpoint with increased ability to share among team members. If you’re collaborating on a presentation with a group of people it would be a great resource since one advantage is easy commenting among online team members.


After you’ve given a presentation, storing it for others to see Is easy with SlideShare. Just create an account, log in and upload your content. Among other choices, you can decide whether you want people to be able to view your presentation only or offer it for download and viewing later. SlideShare is also a good resource to learn about different topics by searching for uploaded presentations.


Want to gather all the comments from a public meeting to discuss what you heard with your boss or a client? Storify can be an easy way to do this so you stay on topic with what was important and concisely describe the meeting.


Swipe is still in Beta and you have to sign up for an invitation but it looks pretty wonderful. Use Swipe to create a presentation for anyone to view online in real time. This sounds useful for presentations to web audiences in multiple locations. You can also control who sees your presentations, or make them available to anyone.


We’ve all heard about Vine, the 6 second videos you see on Twitter. They’re on an endless loop and almost too short to make a point, but many are trying.

Infographics were all the rage last year. They continue to offer potential to get your point across in few words. is, in my opinion, the easiest infographic-creation-tool I’ve found. Lots of versatility and easy to navigate. Just don’t make your graphic so complicated it’s hard to read.

Update: Kami Huyse says she loves their Google Analytics report too.

What tools do you use in your presentations I may have missed? Add them in the comments here, including links so everyone can benefit. I bookmark tools as I come across them in my Delicious bookmarks. Check them out under the tag “biz tools.” Today’s tools are also tagged “presentation.”

Image: Chewy Hooey via Flickr, CC 2.0

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