Uniqueness, Health Win at the Fancy Food Show

As has been the case for several years, the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco was filled with interesting and innovative surprises. The sector continues to grow at three times the rate of the rest of the food and beverage industry, surpassing $140 billion in sales last year.

The specialty food segment is defined as those companies who create products using high-quality, authentic ingredients that are then produced using artisan or small-batch methods. Oftentimes, they have a story behind them, making the products even more interesting to food followers.

During the show, Kuli Kuli Foods was honored with the Citizenship Award for their work supporting moringa farmers in West Africa. During the show, the company showcased how to use the superfood in a cocktail and guacamole.

We asked a couple friends to tell us what they were most intrigued by at this year’s show.

Rosemary Mark is a recipe developer and culinary consultant based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her choices really demonstrate the wide variety of products featured at the Fancy Food Show.

  • Kelp pickles and salsa? This was a really unique and great-tasting product created by Barnacle Foods using kelp from waters off Juneau, Alaska.

  • We make chocolate cake for birthdays. Why not chocolate candles! These edible treats were fun from Let Them Eat Candles.

  • We’ve all seen colored eggs at Easter time, but these are packaged, flavored hard-boiled eggs. Sauder’s Eggs reports these are sold with hard cooked eggs at grocery and snacks at coffee shops.

  • Mushrooms are supposed to be one of the hot foods this year. Pan’s was at the show with their very tasty mushroom jerky in several different flavors. It’s gluten and soy free. Just mushrooms.

  • Donoxti brought treats from Mexico including avocado oil and several flavors of honey that were very good. I also loved the idea that they sampled the honey using spaghetti sticks so there was no waste.

  • Crunchy chiles? These "hot" new products from Don Chilio are great on toasts.

  • Speaking of toasts, CauliPower introduced sweet potato toasts that are good with peanut butter, cinnamon, hummus, guacamole. They introduced this as well as a cauliflower tortilla.

  • Tosi Health makes super bites using a wide variety of superfoods for nutritious snacks. This year they introduce several using almonds.

  • New combinations of Sonoma Creamery’s cheese crisp bars were a hit with their savory seed crisp bar offering high protein, aged Parmesan in a gluten-free snack.

  • Looking for a new tomato-based sauce? Portland, Oregon’s Red Duck Foods has a wide range of choices. Their sauces are made without extra salt or sugar and taste very good.

Since plant-based foods are also a growing trend, we asked our friends from the National Peanut Board what they found most interesting. Of course, these are peanut-filled highlights, and they sound delicious!

  • Crazy Richard’s introduced Wholly Rollies, a frozen peanut butter energy bite. They’re all-natural and made with six ingredients or fewer and come in three different flavors.

  • Elmhurst plant milk dairy introduced two peanut-based protein shakes. Each “clean label” shake has 20 grams of protein, no thickeners or emulsifiers.

  • Known for their flours, Bob’s Red Mill introduced five peanut butter centric bars this year. You can even get a peanut butter and jelly snack bar as well as four other fun flavors

  • Ending on a sweet note, Belmont Peanuts launched a line of Americana-inspired spiced butter toffee peanuts in Apple Pie, Key Lime Pie and Strawberry Cheesecake.

After learning about these products we feel like we’ll need to attend the Fancy Food Show ourselves next year!

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