Paying Theta Dues

Paying dues online the first time can be a bit complicated. So we've created a series of screenshots and a video to guide you. If you have questions, please contact chapter treasurer, Lindsay Brouillet, (406) 209-7814 or

Thanks to Mary Barber or giving us a page on her website to put this information.

Watch this video: 

Or, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Theta website and select member login in the upper right corner.
2. If you have an account, simply login. 
If you don't have an account, select, "create account" and follow the steps. 
3. Select "Pay Alumnae Dues."
4. Select "Chapter Dues."
5. Select Tacoma, or search for Tacoma if it doesn't appear as a choice. 
6. Your information should be entered automatically with the information from your Theta portal, make sure to select the ‘Level 1’ option at the top of the screen. **Please note that if you are Life Loyal your national dues will be deducted on the next screen.
7. Enter your billing information.
You're done! Congratulations. Let us know if you have questions. Lindsay's contact information is at the top.

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